“The Best Investment You Will Ever Make Is In Yourself.”

Do you wake up contemplating whether your job is really worth it?


Have you been second-guessing your decision to pursue the career you’re currently in?

Did you finally realize that it’s just not worth the time, struggle, and stress that it causes?

Are you hoping and wishing that you can just leave your job one day and never have to go back?

What if I told you…

You can make money doing something you love from the comfort of your own home!

The Business Powerhouse program was designed specifically to help you realize your true worth and the value of your time. You no longer have to constantly repeat “This job ain’t worth the pay” to yourself. Because in just 4 short months, you will have created an amazing business built entirely on your knowledge and passions, that’s magnetic, irresistible, and attracts all of the customers and wealth that you could ever imagine.

In just 4 short months, you will stop thinking like a tired employee and start thinking like a fierce business mogul that takes no bull and puts money in her own pockets!



Walking out of your 9 to 5 with absolutely no plans of going back?

Being confident that you have a steady sizable income?

Working from the comfort of your own home one day to working on the beach the next

Waking up every morning not dreading the day ahead

Being able to finally spend your time doing something that you love and that pays you exactly what you are worth and so much more!

Being able to relax knowing that you can spend all of your time with your family, support them financially, and provide yourself and your loved ones with the lives that you’ve always wanted and more!


You are ready to build your own empire and make your own money.

You are currently building or want to build a business around your own passions and personal brand

You are tired of working on someone else’s time and you are ready to create your own schedule

You are ready to fully invest in yourself and your future

You want guidance and clarity on how you can build up your own profitable business and take your life to the next level 

You are ready to fully invest in yourself and your future


Module 1: Get Your Mind Right

Before you can own a badass business, you need to become the badass CEO. You will learn how to shed your fear, gain all of your confidence, and adopt the CEO and money mindset that will attract the profitable business, clarity, and wealth you desire.

Module 2: Refine Your Focus

You can’t build a successful business if you don’t know what it’s going to be about. In this module, we’ll dive deep into your passions and skills and we’ll figure out the exact business idea that’s perfect for you. We’ll gain crystal clear clarity on your niche, your business goals, and will develop a detailed plan of action to achieve every single one of them.

Module 3: Foolproof Business Plan

You will create a detailed plan that will help you create the business of your dreams and keep it going! You’ll know your exact business model, income goals, and the exact steps you need to take to achieve all of your business goals

Module 4: Find Your Tribe

Your business won’t go anywhere if you’re not attracting the right customers that need what you provide. In this module, you’ll learn absolutely everything that you need to know about your ideal audience and how to reel them in and turn them into customers!

Module 5: What’s Your Enchanting Story?

Let’s set you apart! You’ll develop and refine your own unique story and will transform it into a source of appeal to hook and reel in your clients and get them to care about everything you have to say. You’ll turn that story into an amazing mission statement that will set you apart and get your audience fully invested in you!

Module 6: Making the Brand

Transform your story into an irresistible stand-out brand that your clients will love and want to throw their wallets at! We’ll dive deep and figure out your brand persona, values, personality, vibe, colors, and more! We’ll know what makes you unique and how to create a unique brand that is 100% you!

Module 7: Enticing Content Creation

You’ll learn the exact compelling content that you need to draw in your customers and make them want to buy your product or services. With this strategy, you’ll easily learn how to stand out as an expert in your niche and have everyone wrapped around your finger. 

Module 8: Irresistible Product Creation

Time to create that amazing money-making product or service. In this module, you’ll know the exact premium money-making product or service to sell, how to make it stand out and be a must-have product for your customers.

Module 9: Harness the Power of Social Media

In this module, we will get your right where you need to be, in front of your ideal client ready to spend her money on you. We’ll map out detailed strategies on how to use social media to market your business and get eyes on you to spike interest in your products and services. 

Module 10: Girl, Look At That Website!

First impressions are the most important. You’ll learn exactly how to build a stunning website without breaking the bank and losing your mind. With step-by-step instructions and simple tricks, you will easily monetize your site to make money while you sleep!

Module 11: Make Money on Autopilot

There’s nothing better than going to bed knowing that your bank account will be bigger in the morning. You will learn how to automate your business so that you can save up time and still make money while you get your beauty sleep.

Module 12: Sales with Emails

Most sales are made through your emails. Learn exactly how to create high-quality opt-ins and lead magnets that will grow your email list by hundreds. You will know how to use your email marketing platform to cultivate your list, draw in clients, and turn them into customers.

Module 13: Hook, Line, and Sinker!

You’ve caught their eye, now let’s reel ’em in, girl! In this lesson, you will develop and refine your irresistible sales pitch so that you can start raking in that dough!!

Module 14: Go For Launch!

Time to create an effective and profitable launch strategy! Learn exactly how to get your audience hooked, primed, and ready so that they’re grabbing their wallets the moment your product is launched!


Worth Over $750. FREE if You Book Now!

1 power-hour phone call each week for 4 months

Unlimited email support and access to me for four months. 

In-depth access and tutorials to various high level tools and resources to elevate your business

Personal step-by-step guidance and 100% honesty and support from me.


Bonus Module 1: What’s Next?

In this bonus 45-minute call, we’ll discuss your next steps including building a business plan for the next 6 months to a year and strategize different products, courses, and other money-making strategies to keep your business growing.

Bonus Module 2: Let’s Get Organized

Gain this one-on-one training to learn how to be productive in your business and effectively strategize so you can build your business even with limited time or while working at your 9 to 5.


Due to the high level of support I provide, I can’t work with everyone. To make sure you can finally get the guidance that you need, book your clarity call with me now.


Why are you still holding back? You’ve been working for someone else for far too long. It’s time for you to finally step out and make your own life. You know you’re worth more than what your job is providing you. You know you are meant for so much more. 

If you’re ready to finally start making the money and the impact that you know you’re meant to do, it’s time for you to make that call. 



Q: I’m far too busy. I couldn’t possibly build a business right now!

A: Girl! I said the same thing, but by using the steps in this program, I built my business all while working as a full-time attorney. If now isn’t the time, then when is it? This program was specially made for you. I’ll be with you every step of the way to expedite the process and make it all the more simple!


Q: What if I’m not even sure about my business idea yet?

A: Then this is perfect for you! The first two modules are meant to help you gain the tools you need and clarity to figure out exactly the kind of business you are meant to run. Don’t worry! By the end of this program, you’ll have the right business and will be a fierce boss babe!


Q: I already have a business, can I still do this program?

A: Of course! If you’re on this page, then you are probably lacking clarity or confidence in the business you have. The program will be personalized just for you to help you gain clarity on what’s going on and figure out exactly how to elevate your business to the level it was meant to be!


Q: I’m just a blogger. This isn’t right for me, is it?

A: Of course it is! If you’re ready to take that hobby blog to the next level with products or services, then this is just the program you need!


Q: Do you have payment plans?

A: Of course I do! My #1 goal is to make sure that you can finally build that business of your dreams! I offer payment plans to make sure you can still get the benefit of my services.


If you don’t invest in yourself now, then when will you. There is no such thing as the “perfect time”. The longer you wait, the more your chances will slip away. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, then who will? Let’s work together to finally make your magic happen.